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Optimize Rates Through Data Driven Procurement & Analytics

Selecting the best energy supplier price and contract is a complex process. The critical goal is to ensure that each supplier’s quote includes the same price components and contract clauses.

Decisions about procurement method, when to buy and contract length are based on data, analytics, and market expertise. Ohio Industrial Energy tailors solutions that fit each client’s needs.

Data Driven, e-Procurement Approach

  • Review energy invoices and supplier agreements.
  • Identify energy sourcing options based on:
    • Market Price fundamentals, trends and historical analysis
    • Current supplier dynamics
    • Contract expiration
    • Regulatory environment
  • Utilize our e-procurement platforms to simplify the supplier bidding process and increase supplier competitiveness.
  • Review all offers and help select the best option for you based on data, analytics, contract terms, product structures and credit conditions.
  • Help finalize contract terms with selected supplier ensuring a seamless transition.

Reduce Demand/Usage. Improve Sustainability.

In addition to optimizing the rate you pay, you can also reduce how much you use to manage your total cost. Clean energy solutions, lighting retrofits, demand/response programs and other energy efficiency measures can lower your usage and total cost. Our energy professionals can provide available financing options for all of these solutions if desired.

Capture Utility Rebates

Our energy professionals can provide facility audits that include an analysis of potential utility rebates that might have been overlooked specific to machinery and equipment purchases. The facility audit will also outline upgrades and retrofit opportunities.

Utility and supplier bill review is also offered to capture any discrepancies. Utility rate structures are complex so errors happen. Errors related to tariff and tax classifications, meter readings, and charges for non-existing services occur, and if not corrected, can remain on your bill for years.