Property Management Solutions

Energy is one of the most expensive components of a real estate asset. Contact us to explore savings solutions for building owners and tenants.

With over a hundred retail electric suppliers offering hundreds of thousand electric rates every day, it can be a daunting task for any individual, or even a team, to quickly and efficiently survey the market to find the lowest electric rates with best terms. Our solution for property managers is a web-based transaction platform built by seasoned energy professionals that takes the complicated matrix rate pricing charts and business rules of each energy supplier and automatically creates a solution set of real-time electric offers specific to each client.

The result is a simple-to-use display that allows property managers to compare rates for various terms. Once a supplier and term is selected, the platform allows the property manager to electronically produce a contract within seconds for clients and tenants. An annual report is also provided to the property manager highlighting savings that have been achieved for the building owner and/or tenant. There is no charge to property managers for the utilization of the platform.

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