Ohio Industrial Energy changes the charge for businesses of all sizes.


We do this by offering a pool of electricity that allows users to buy electric at discounted rates, just like the larger users.


We leverage electric suppliers against each other to obtain the best possible competitive price for our customers.


We offer substantial savings on electricity with no additional out of pocket expense and no danger of losing service.

How it works

  1. Electricity is purchased from an Electric Supplier other than your Utility.
  2. The Electric Supplier can sell this “raw electricity” at a cheaper rate than your Utility company because the Electric Supplier purchases the electricity competitively. This is possible because of deregulation.
  3. The Electric Supplier transmits the electricity to your Utility’s distribution line via third-party supply.
  4. Your Utility company distributes the electricity to your business for electric usage.
  1. Your Utility company, as always, is responsible for the “Distribution” and “Customer Service” charges of the utility bill. This is the regulated portion of the electric bill.
  2. The Electric Supplier is responsible for the “Generation” and “Transmission” portion of the utility bill. This is the deregulated portion of the electric bill.
  3. “Distribution” and “Customer Service” charges are the same, whether your electricity comes from your Utility or an Electric Supplier.
  4. Enjoy savings in the “Generation” and “Transmission” portion of your bill by partnering with a third-party Electric Supplier.
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